We are on information overload, as of October 2013 there are:

How are we as independent musicians able to distill all of this information to develop our creativity while also building a business in music?

My goal with this blog is help musicians in all points of their career access creative ideas and tools to reach their creative dreams while growing their business.

3 Tips of What to Expect From This Blog

1)  Distilled ideas of music industry professionals into quick snapshots

There are many experts in the music industry sharing their thoughts on their websites, blogs, social media, and at any chance you ask them!  I’ll do my best to curate ideas and concepts from inspiring creative artists.  Beyond searching digital avenues, I will conduct interviews with industry professionals to get the inside scoop on boosting a career in music.

2)  Simplified tools in marketing, social media, & web for independent musicians

Gone are the days of just being a performer and earning a steady income.  In today’s creative economy independent artists need to find creative ways to market their business, maximize social media, and use the web for alternate sources of income.  In this blog, I plan to share simple tools to make your career path more… simple.

3)  Answered questions about building a career in the music industry

Each career in the music industry is unique.  I would like to invite questions from you and find the best resources to find a solution.  Often times others have the same issue, and hosting it here will help our fellow creatives.

Look forward to connecting with you and distilling up something good.